Life Insurance

Life insurance is essential to ensure the beneficiaries don’t feel a financial gap when a veteran passes on.

We engage different insurance companies and comprehensively read between the line, and offer veterans the right advice to make wise decisions to choose an insurance plan that will serve their purposes when they exit the world.

Health Care Pension

It’s about the health care plan and the value-added service that comes with the program.   A health care plan with a medical alert system is an ideal option since you don’t want to bother your children or loved ones; a medical alert system offers prompt medical assistance at your disposal.

It gives them time to concentrate on other things while the medical stress is solely under the experts’ surveillance. We advocate for a health care plan with unlimited restrictions since this is a group with specific health care needs due to the kind of work they did before being civilians.

Home Loans

The quest countryside life is the most ideal. With limited income, paying rent, among other bills, is also an uphill task.

Therefore, owning a home is a must-do activity. We are here to offer professional advice on asset financing in liaison with partner organizations to provide the best and affordable option based on your income.

We don’t want veterans to be bankrupt in the name of home-owning; that’s why we advise on customized products to suit their different income levels.

We engage financial institutions to customize their products for this population as they consider the income levels and provide homes of different sizes to accommodate the extra financial capability. Still, all geared towards owning a home for veterans.

Disability Compensation

When lucky to come out alive but with a physical disability, it’s your duty to inform you of options to lead a fruitful life. Paralympics was designed to take care of such cases to stay active despite their physical conditions.

Moreover, mental disability is also something to consider in the package. We link with counselors and psychologists in the mental health field.

Counseling is the first line of operation to tune the veteran’s mind to accept the currents status away from the life with the gun that comes with many benefits. That helps to stabilize the mind, without it, and then all programs put in place are an exercise in futility.

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