Veteran Ping Pong players

Ping pong also knew as Table tennis is more of a culture than a game in the Asian continent. Most veteran players come from this continent. Street talk attributes it to their healthy lifestyle and their body physique, though it is not scientifically proven. The just concluded Rio Olympics saw the largest audience in history watching the final men single table tennis. That means it is gaining popularity worldwide. Most education institutions have included it in their sporting calendar as a point to tap and nurture the talent at an early age. National Table Tennis associations use the chance to offer national and international scholarships to exceptional students in the game. Veteran players of table tennis just like shuffleboard and foosball players can decide which one to get on standard board as a relaxing board game just to diversify their skills in different games.

You qualify as a veteran when you have managed to maintain your passion for table tennis even in retirement, at the same time you are in the books of records for outstanding performance in Olympics.

Jan-Ove Waldner Evergreen’

Jan Ove Walder is a renowned table tennis player who has managed to maintain his position even after the age of 50. When you watch �evergreen’ play table tennis, you will never want to get your eyes off the game because of his intellectual skills in ball response and rebound. Any opponent who would face Evergreen will shrink even before he starts the game. A unique thing about his table tennis skill is that he could master the opponents weakness within a few minutes of the play and counter in a boom for a win.

Zhang Jike

If you want to watch a player who has sharp ball hitting skills from a distance and he will not miss the ball despite the distance. However, he is one arrogant player, which has reduced his popularity. The world-renowned tennis player has several awards to his name giving him the fame.

Ma Long

If you want to watch how to have a fierce attack in a high-level match then look for videos of Ma Long matches. You will understand where he derives his fame. He has the muscular strength that can endure a physically intensive game and still wins. His trick is to play a fast game so that the opponent gets tired and capitalizes on this because of his agility.

Wang Nan

Wang Nan is a female Chinese player for both single and doubles. The gold medalist uses her left hand against the opponent; the left hand is a disadvantage to the opponent because he can’t figure the direction of the ball for a counter attack.

It is evident that the four veteran table tennis players have unique skills that make them have an added advantage against their opponents. In addition, their coached are renowned veterans in the table tennis arena. A world champion holder from the Asian continent is heavily rewarded by their respective governments; this motivates upcoming ping-pong players to go an extra mile just to bring gold medals back to their home countries for the reward.


Why veterans are cautious on motorcycle helmet and battery

Veterans do not find motorcycle helmets and motorcycle batteries new equipment in the cycling industry. In fact, they are more cautious about health matters that the young generation because they understand the importance of the motorcycle gear while riding. Veterans are associated with age and experience, a simple fracture in a bone result in a painful and long journey towards recovery, they try as much as possible to stay safe for the sake of their health and increase their longevity.

 Motorcycle veterans relate experiences and firsthand contact with fatal accidents as witnesses, they have a deep understanding of the value of a motorcycle helmet for prevention of head and neck injuries. The youth tend to take life for granted, in addition, the identity crisis stage worsens the situations for they want to explore what nature has to offer without taking into account the dangers they are exposing themselves to.

 The hardened plastic in the motorcycle helmet is a preventive cautionary measure, in the case of an impact, the skull is protected, at the same time objects slip off the plastic material preventing head injuries. Veterans admit that most motorcycle accidents are fatal; the survivors acknowledge their survival because of wearing a quality helmet.

 The inner lining of the helmet prevents bruises and friction making a motorcyclist comfortable when riding that is why many want a half face motorcycle helmet. It covers the head and the neck, the facial part is made of transparent hardened plastic glass for proper viewing and prevention of dust particles and cold from being in contact with the eyes. Veterans wear a headgear not as a regulation but as a protection gear during impact.

A motorcycle battery is a power behind the automotive. When in motion, the battery recharges itself. Apart from motion, the battery is used to light the headlamp and headlights. Although the machine uses petroleum as a source of energy, the battery powers the wiring part of the equipment. When there is a disconnection in the wiring system, the battery loses power; you can unmount it and charge it using electricity.

 The power of a motorcycle depends on the size of the engine. The bigger the engine size, the higher the fuel consumption and a high voltage of the motorcycle battery. It is a precautionary measure to understand the mechanics of a motorcycle to help you solve simple mechanical and wiring problems when out for a ride. You could be in the remote parts where access to a mechanic is an uphill task, maybe it is a simple loosening on the battery diodes because of the rugged landscape; have some home tools with you like pliers to fix such problems.

 Veterans take pride in the prolonged use of the motorcycles; the mechanics are almost similar hence in a better position to diagnose a problem right from the onset before it becomes a bigger problem. Apart from the motorcycle gear, the motorcycle itself needs to be well serviced and maintained to prevent accidents. Veterans attribute most accidents to careless cycling and poor use and maintenance of the automotive. A renowned veteran quotes, “as long there is a slight change in sound and movement, have the motorcycle checked by a mechanic as a preventive measure.”

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